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How I work

My approach to psychotherapy is integrative. This includes Psychodynamic and Transpersonal psychology.

Psychodynamic psychology explores connections between current feelings and actions and past events (ie. childhood experience). It helps with long term or recurring problems by getting to the root of difficulties.

Transpersonal Psychology comes under the umbrella of Humanistic Psychology and means “beyond the personal”. It explores deeper meaning and purpose to problems and crisis. It guides us beyond what is already known into what has not been yet brought to light in the unconscious. Enhanced creativity, a deeper sense of self, and altered states of consciousness belong to the transpersonal dimension of life.

I have a particular interest in the links between mind and body. EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) deals very effectively with body memory, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing ) with trauma. Meditation brings calmness, understanding and awareness.


I have made a study of Dreams and incorporate dream exploration into therapy when appropriate. A dream, particularly a recurring dream, is usually an attempt by the unconscious to convey a message to the conscious mind. Because the limitations of words cannot capture the essence of the dream, it makes use of the language of metaphor, of symbols. Each symbol is unique to the dreamer. Deciphering the message of the dream clarifies and points the way forward.
Metaphor is the language of music, poetry, of art. It captures the in-between.


I have studied music from an early age and am an associate of the Royal Irish Academy of Music. I completed a couple of years of the B MUS course before switching to another course, so listening at a deep level is second nature. I find many similarities between therapy and various types of music.

Humour and Laughter

Humour can be valuable in therapy. To see a problem in a different light, to be able to laugh, releases endorphins in the brain and can be very healing.




























"If there’s an elephant in the room, introduce it"
Randy Pausch/The Last Lecture